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Slide things your own way!

SliderJS is fully loaded with features that will help you keep up with the latest trends of the modern web without any programming skills. Display your fresh content in style and keep your visitors focused.

Real Time - In Page Editing

Make live changes to your SliderJS directly on your page. No more sequence errors as you can now have a clear understanding of the impact the changes you make have on your website. Simply customize, save and publish.

Faster File Management

Forget about webmaster assistance and FTP server connections. With the integrated file manager you can edit your slides directly from the admin panel thus making uploading or deleting images faster, easier and friendlier.

Reliable Customer Support

A team of dedicated professionals is here to help you at all time. You can rest assured that every time you request assistance through live chat or email a support specialist will always deliver a quick and helpful reply.

Source: jstyler.net

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