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Magnolia CMS 5 will have a revolutionary 'mobile-first' designed CMS user interface

Magnolia CMS 5 will have a revolutionary 'mobile-first' designed CMS user interface, right out of the box. It will feel natural, look beautiful and put content management at your fingertips like never before. It's inspired by the simplicity brought to us by the mobile revolution. The Web-based interface will wow you on the desktop as well as on touch devices such as the iPad. Soon you will be able to enjoy managing content with Magnolia - anywhere, faster and more intuitively..

Magnolia 5 will bring touch device ease-of-use to enterprise-grade content management, whether you're on the desktop or mobile device. Navigate between content management Apps using a springboard, much as you're used to on your smart phone. You will then be able to pick the right App for the job to guide you through the process, only offering the functionality needed to complete the task, quickly and easily.

Magnolia 5 will offer simple yet powerful Apps, focused on tasks that are relevant to the user. A rich UI widget set and framework will allow anybody to write custom, great looking content management Apps that integrate with Magnolia. Your Apps will look and feel like built-in Magnolia Apps that access the same content, with the same ease-of-use but reflecting your custom business processes.

Magnolia 5 will ensure you stay up-to-date with a continuous activity feed and unobtrusive notifications. The Pulse will update you on content status, comments, requests and warnings, as well as offering content statistics and analytics. The Pulse will also give you total control through message catagorization, filtering and quick-link for performing a related action.

Define and manage your personal workspace with Magnolia 5 Favorites. Create shortcuts to your most common actions such as adding a specific page, creating a microsite or adding a new offer in the data module. Even shortcuts to simply update your homepage will help save time, ensure consistency and make it personal to you.
Forget about bulky toolbars and cumbersome drop downs, Magnolia 5 is all action, with a simple yet intuitive action bar. Displayed on one side of the screen, the action bar will automatically highlight available actions, depending on what you are currently working on. The action bar will look and work differently on the iPad, naturally! The action bar will be expanded and collapsed with a swipe of your finger and the actions themselves will be represented by touch-targeted squares.
What's more, the action bar will be configurable to display relevant actions and Developers will even be able to extend the action bar to include customized actions.

source: magnolia-cms.com

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