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Create your own mobile application within minutes and without programming!

Icetip is a mobile application generator that can take your existing website (mobile or regular), blog, RSS feed or even your Twitter page and automatically generate a mobile application which anyone can download. The mobile application will have the name and icon of your choice and will take the mobile user to your content. Sounds too cool to be true? It's also FREE

Who benefits from Icetip?  Icetip is being used by many different users: A blogger who wants to enable his readers read his posts from their mobile phone. A corporate who wants to strengthen his brand awareness and reach his customers when they're on the go. A website owner who wants to have a sronger link to his visitors, rather than just another dull bookmark. A Twitter user who wants to give his followers a faster way to receive his updates And many many other ways... We count on you to know what is the best way you can use Icetip for.

More info: icetip.mobi

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