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Create a mobile optimized website

With DudaMobile, you can be up and running with a customized mobile website in minutes. Do it yourself, or if you are too busy, try new Hire a Pro service. You’ll get great mobile features like Click-to-Call and Maps & Directions, and you’ll have a great looking mobile website optimized for smartphones that stays in sync with your regular site.

With Duda you can:
  • create a mobile-friendly version of your existing website
  • create an amazing looking mobile website by choosing from dozens of beautiful mobile templates
  • auto sync your mobile site with your regular website so you'll never need to maintain two websites
  • use our free mobile analytics tools to track mobile site visitors
  • add local business features like Click-to-Call and Mobile Maps & Directions to make it easy for your mobile visitors to call you and find you
  • go under the hood of your mobile website and directly edit the CSS and HTML code 

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