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Free and paid Cloud Database for MySQL Applications

Xeround offers a ridiculously simple – and seriously powerful – Database-as-a-service (DBaaS), designed to simplify the way databases are ran and managed in the cloud.
Engineered from the grounds up as a native cloud database, Xeround understands the unique challenges databases - particularly relational databases – face in the virtual environment.
Xeround’s unique fully-managed DBaaS takes care of scalability and high availability of your MySQL database in the cloud on your behalf. This translates into ‘no worries’:
  • No maintenance
  • No downtime
  • No capacity planning
  • No code changes to accommodate scaling, now or in the future
Xeround automates all configuration and on-going DB operations aimed to ensure optimal performance, elasticity and availability of your database. This drop-in solution frees you from monitoring and maintenance of your database, allowing you to focus on your application (or simply kick back and relax..) — knowing that your database will be running smoothly.
It’s that Simple:
  • Instant Setup. Once you sign up with Xeround, you literally create your database with a single click. Once your database instance is up and running – relax: it is already highly available and scalable off the bat.
  • High Availability Guaranteed. Xeround’s DBaaS offers no downtime, with guaranteed SLA. Xeround’s patented virtual partitioning technology and built-in Active-Active replicas and self-healing architecture ensure automatic failover and full resiliency of your database in the event of a server failure. No need to configure anything or monitor for the health of cloud resources — Xeround’s service is always maintained. Want to see for yourself? See this demonstration showing how a Xeround cloud database survives a server crash.
  • Auto-Scaling. Xeround automatically scales out/in or up/down – to make sure your database always has the optimal resources to handle the application load requirements. No need for code changes to your application or any architectural and code scaling considerations such as Memcached, sharding, etc. Auto-scaling is enabled by default when you create a new database instance.
  • Scheduled Backups. Xeround backs up your database once a day, at a time of your choice. You can also initiate additional on-demand backups.
  • Simple Pricing.  Xeround’s pay-per-use pricing eliminates over-provisioning and overpayment. Xeround automatically scales up or down exactly to the needs of the application – so that the database gets additional resources when more size/throughput is needed, and scales back down when it is underutilized. This means the costs for your DB are tightly linked to the demand of the application.
  • No Code Changes: You Know MySQL — You Know Xeround. Xeround is fully compatible with MySQL and requires no code changes to your application. simply migrate your existing MySQL database to Xeround’s Cloud Database- and you’re done.
  • No Vendor Lock-in. As a native cloud DBaaS, Xeround is vendor agnostic – meaning it can run on any cloud service provider (see our supported platforms section). By choosing Xeround you can avoid vendor lock-in and run your database on any cloud provider, as well as migrate your database seamlessly between different clouds

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