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Analysis and visualization tool

BlogScope is an analysis and visualization tool for blogosphere which is being developed as part of a research project at the University of Toronto. It is currently tracking over 63.32 million blogs with 1307.00 million posts.
BlogScope can assist the user in discovering interesting information from these millions of blogs via a set of numerous unique features including popularity curves, identification of information bursts, related terms, and geographical search.

The explosive growth of the internet and the massive adoption of social media has created new ways for individuals to express their opinions online. Millions of bloggers across the globe are writing daily to produce one of the richest pool of information, blogosphere. Bloggers blog about diverse topics including their personal lives, product reviews, political opinions, technology trends, tourism experiences, sports events, and the entertainment industry. Without a doubt, blogging is a social phenomenon. This trend will persist and grow as our lifes become more heavily dependent on internet technologies. Given such trends there is pressing need to monitor such online forums continuously, and extract useful and actionable information regarding the "public opinion" on a variety of topics. BlogScope tries to help user discover knowledge from blogs by providing hints in form of bursts and correlations. 

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