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Do your employees waste valuable time huddled around a laptop cradling cups of coffee, or sending endless e-mails to complete a group project? Times are tight and your staff are stretched, so to do more with the resources you’ve got, you have to find a better way to work — improving productivity and collaboration.

Your teams can work together better and faster, with help from a range of Microsoft products that free you to:
Improve collaboration — don’t be restricted to one room, teams can now share documents and information through an online portal, even editing the same document at the same time.
Simplify group work — produce documents more smoothly with features such as workflow functionality, online and offline access, and built-in version control.
Manage with less — boost productivity with the tools to effortlessly share information, analyse data and create great looking documents.
Serve your customers better while reducing infrastructure costs — improve communication and collaboration using familiar Office tools without the need to deploy and maintain software and hardware on-premises. Office 365 brings together secure cloud versions of our communication and collaboration products with our latest desktop suite, and as it’s a hosted subscription service, you only pay for what you need.
Source:  Microsoft

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